Custom Stainless Steel Baskets, Precision Cleaning Fixtures

Artcraft Welding designs, engineers, and manufactures custom stainless steel baskets, ultrasonic cleaning equipment fixtures and high-quality stainless steel racks and fixtures for industrial cleaning systems.

For more than 45 years, Artcraft has been the preferred Wire basket manufacturer for precision cleaning needs throughout North America, Western Europe, the Pacific Rim, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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For companies involved in ultrasonic parts cleaning or other precision cleaning applications, Artcraft designs stainless steel racks, custom precision cleaning fixtures and ultrasonic cleaning inserts to fit almost any specification.

Provide us with the parts you need to clean, and Artcraft designs precision cleaning fixtures around them, thereby optimizing your cleaning process. Our turnaround time ranks among the fastest in the ultrasonic parts cleaning business. On average, Artcraft manufactures a customized rack or fixture in less than two weeks, from phone call to prototype - including engineering and design.

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Tell Us What Stainless Steel Basket You Want: We may even have it in stock!

How many stainless steel baskets do you need? One? One thousand? Artcraft quickly provides all the right equipment for your precision, industrial or ultrasonic parts cleaning. We also manufacture any custom stainless steel basket or rack to your specific part and cleaning system. Although stainless steel is used for most precision and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, Artcraft works with almost any material you require, including titanium.

On our products webpage, you'll see Artcraft offers a wide range of stock sizes for stainless steel racks, stainless steel baskets, cages, and other precision ultrasonic parts cleaning fixtures. If your needs don't call for customized solutions, Artcraft can outfit you almost immediately.

Custom designed stainless steel racks are what make Artcraft stand alone in the precision and ultrasonic cleaning equipment fixtures industry. We have designed custom stainless steel baskets and fixtures for Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Equipment companies such as:
Crest, Forward, Branson, CAE Ransohoff, Atcor, Infinity, Magnus, Aqueous Technologies, Baron Blakeslee, Better Engineering, Cuda, Blue Wave, and Trek.

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These are just a few of our satisfied customers. Each custom designed stainless steel basket was tailored to a specific system.

Many custom stainless steel baskets and racks –Many Uses

Along with stainless steel baskets and racks, we manufacture custom clean room furniture, handling carts and other materials used in precision, industrial and ultrasonic parts cleaning.

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Artcraft ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Artcraft ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used in electronics, automotive, semiconductor, disc drive, optics and other applications. Our ultrasonic parts cleaning peripherals include stainless inserts, bulk baskets and beaker baskets, also available in custom sizes.

Artcraft works directly with the equipment manufacturer to optimize your process and cleaning needs.

We design stainless steel baskets, stainless steel fixtures and other ultrasonic cleaning equipment to your exact cleaning and handling requirements. Artcraft not only supplies the companies that use precision and industrial cleaning systems, but also the manufacturers of those systems.

Artcraft designs custom stainless steel baskets and racks at competitive prices with quick deliveries.

If that fits your needs, contact us today.